Welcome to my site

Hello Hello! My name is N Nordberg, welcome to my website!

My usual website's domain finally expired, and since I've found myself greatly intrigued and inspired by the personal sites of the 'old web' lately, I decided that I'd try my hand at it and see what I can make! Feel free to look around, but please watch your step! This website is definitely a work in progress

News and Updates

Feb.18.2023 - Changed the design of the Fun Stuff menu page and some of the pages; actually went through to add some basic content to the pages, though most of them are still missing the majority of content for now! I'm very bad about taking photos of things lol

Feb.16.2023 - Added background; some buttons and stamps to the front page; more edits to the gallery to improve it! Still working on the Fun Stuff pages, but hopefully I'll be able to get some of them up soon!

Feb.15.2023 - Website Created! Credit to sadgrl.online for the base layout of the site; I'm definitely hoping to build up more personalized details and twists on it as I progress, but for now I'm still busy creating functional galleries for the main meat of the site: my art!